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The initial meeting consists of a one hour in-home consultation
with Nicole Hamilton.  
Through listening to your ideas and concerns with the current
space, Nicole will be able to offer innovative solutions to solve all
your design dilemmas!

Let's start planning early! Meeting with an engineer or contractor?  
It is always best to have your designer present from the start of
the project.  Nicole will look at the space differently then the
contractor and p
ropose functional alternatives that the contractor
may not initially see.  
After plans are signed and materials are approved, Nicole will be on
site for meetings with your contractor to make the project flow

Efficiency when renovating or building is
key to the project success. Creating a fluid
flow through your project is simple to
achieve if you plan ahead.  All fees will be
discussed up front so there are no hidden
costs. Each project is unique so Nicole will
plan and adjust accordingly.

Feel free to select your contractor,
although recommendations are available.
Quality can never but under stated, so
choose your trades wisely.  Nicole has may
past clients that are pleased to offer a
reference or even show you their
completed project.  

Nicole Hamilton specializes in kitchen design, bathroom design and built-in cabinet layouts.  
Feel free to be your own decorator or ask Nicole to plan the entire project from cabinets, to
countertops, flooring and paint...don't forget the finishing touches like backsplashes and
lighting to create your flawless room!